Testimonials for GF Sprague

It was absolutely wonderful. The guys were very intelligent about what they did, the level of craftsmanship was absolutely spectacular, and the way they go about everything was very thoughtful and even-handed. I'm delighted, the experience was absolutely great.
Lev L. of Natick, MA
Tuesday, August 12th
"Oh fantastic. The workmen came early and they answered all of my questions, they were very polite and courteous. They did an excellent job and they explained their process, and at the end of the job they picked up all of the debris and they left the house better than it was before they started the job."
Cathy D. of Sudbury, MA
Tuesday, May 27th
It was great we had a great experience, the guys who came out and took care of the roof were fantastic and did a great job, made sure to clean up after themselves every day kept the yard looking nice too. Then I guess it's been two and a half years since it almost, we've had no problems and everything's worked out great so we would absolutely recommend them.
Beth & Matt H. of Needham, MA
Sunday, February 9th
Everything went fine, Sprague always comes back to check on their work, Bob is here now checking on an ice dam I have, and they stand by their work and I highly recommend them.
John F. of Needham, MA
Friday, February 7th
Everything went very well! Everyone was very attentive and a pleasure to work with.
Peter C. of Weston, MA
Monday, November 8th
Everything is going great, so far I have no issues with any of the work that GF Sprague has done for me. The best part about it is whenever I need more advice or help I call them and they're quick to respond, and you guys always come out and check things out, never giving me a problem with it and that's very much appreciated.
Mike C. of Needham Heights, MA
Sunday, February 16th
We've been pleased - they're very responsive, respectful, clean workers and we'd highly recommend them.
Dana H. of Newton Lower Falls, MA
Wednesday, May 3rd
"Well Bob, I've had a lot of issues with the roof over the past 5 and a half years since I started reconstructing this house, a very complex 9 roof system, and I've had ice dams, ice dams like I've never seen in my life. I thought that the insulation had to be poor and there had to be problems with insulation. I had a roofer come in 3 years ago and do what I thought was necessary to fix it or what they thought was necessary, and that was a catastrophe. Finally it was just a situation that was stressing me out and to no end, so I hired you guys. You came in and I told you flat out do whatever it takes, and nobody who I even got estimates from came forward with an estimate like you guys did. Your estimate was far higher than everybody else's, but the details were there, the idea that it would get done properly was there, and I knew that you guys were the ones to get this job done right. You paid attention to details like I've never seen in my life, I mean I was out looking over the roof that's why I'm looking this way right now, I've been doing some work on the house, and it's just beyond what you could ever imagine in regard to quality. I couldn't be happier, I'll be extremely happy when I get through this next winter and I don't have any issues of any kind, and the other thing is I'm already seeing a huge difference in the house's ability to stay warm on cold mornings. So really great stuff, thanks a lot to GF Sprague."
Steve M. of Concord, MA
Tuesday, May 8th
It's gone well, the roof is in good shape, no problems.  
Scott A. of Newton Center, MA
Wednesday, February 5th
Scott: "It's gone very well, except for that cap that blew off" Bob: "When it blew off, did we come back and put another one on?" Scott: "Absolutely, looks wonderful."
Scott M. of Newton Center, MA
Thursday, April 14th
I called GF Sprague because they are a local company, I wanted to work with local people, just to be sure that they are there when I need them and that they show up with all the work, and they actually did. They were marvelous, they were here every morning on the dot and working until the work was done and it was really very pleasant.
Denise W. of West Newton, MA
Friday, March 16th
We were very satisfied with your work and recommended you to someone down the block!
Dr. M of Brookline, MA
Wednesday, October 6th
"Everything's gone great. We know when you're coming, we know when you're going to be done, and we know that you're going to do a good job when you're here. We've used you on this house and another house and we've never had a problem."
Skott K. of Lexington, MA
Monday, July 28th
The work was professionally done, neatly, and by people who knew what they were doing.
Larry K. of Metro West, MA
Monday, August 30th
It's been top drawer since the very beginning!
Linda S. of Wellesley, MA
Tuesday, October 26th
Nice work, even better than expected!
Kevin & Mary H. of Needham, MA
Wednesday, August 24th
Your price was higher than the middle bid by about 15% but we feel that the quality of the workmanship was worth the extra cost. We are particularly pleased with the garage which looks much more attractive than before. Cleaning at the end of the day was excellent. Our neighbor, who works in construction, said that it was the most thorough that he had ever seen.
Barbara B. of Newton Highlands, MA
Saturday, April 16th
The guys did a great job and worked very efficiently.
Franklin & Andrea H. of West Roxbury, MA
Friday, September 2nd
All work was done efficiently and in an organized and professional manner. The work site was kept clean on a daily basis and the work was completed when promised. We wish to particularly commend Tony who was always pleasant accommodating of returning calls in a timely way. Excellent!
Herbert H. of Chestnut Hill, MA
Friday, June 17th
Testimonial Photo by Gregory S.
I am writing to express my gratitude for a job well done. Donald and his team worked to repair my slate roof, chimney, and gutters. They took great care and professionalism in every aspect of their work. Donald made time to answer my concerns and queries. materials and equipment were stored neatly each night when they left and the grounds were left as if no construction was going on at all. trash was removed promptly and my deck was swept clean after each days work. Despite working during the wettest spring to date in New England, the work was done in a timely manner and completed on or before the projected completion date. I am very satisfied with the repairs, I would not hesitate to recommend your company and Donald and his team to any friends.
Gregory S. of Boston, MA
Sunday, June 15th
Testimonial Photo by Richard & Jane A.
Our house is a unusual one, with many little nooks and crannies along the gutter line. We were impressed by mark's creative and thoughtful approach to the house's idiosyncrasies. He said that he enjoyed the process of figuring out and solving the puzzle.
Richard & Jane A. of Boston, MA
Friday, January 31st
Testimonial Photo by Steve & Diane R.
We were also appreciative that when the final debris pile was removed from the backyard, Sprague also put the section of wood fence back in place. I hope that nailing it back in place wsn't as hard as when I took it down. Finally, we appreciate the response of finding or using an appropriately-sized truck for debris removal that could be moved and parked out of the way of the common driveway used by our neighbors. It was well worth taking down the fence to make removal easier for the crew. Sprague is and will continue to be our roofer of choice and I would always refer friends and neighbors to Sprague. There is just no substitute for a contractor that can be reached on the phone and in person and responsive to problems that inevitably arise in the course of a project despite the best planning.
Steve & Diane R. of Arlington, MA
Saturday, April 26th
Jake was awesome, very professional and timely. The crew was excellent too. Everything was done exceptionally well.
Chris C. of Needham, MA
Monday, December 26th
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