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Roofing Services Case Studies: When a Tree Falls On Your Home

Monday, October 30th, 2017 by Jake Sprague


The pictures speak for themselves on this one! Customer for whom we had previously completed a bard renovation, had a massive tree fall on their barn during a storm crushing the roof, siding and gutters as well as damaging the structural integrity of the doors, windows and building itself. Beyond the damage already done during the storm, the tree posed further damage to the barn as it bore it's weight, prohibited the building from it's daily use and was a major hazard to property and family living here. The customer needed ASAP for the tree to be removed, the barn restored to function and support navigating the insurance claim process to fund repairs.  


The GF Sprague team was out to the property with 24 hours for emergency service to assess the damage, document the damage and procure a plan of action. The first orders of business were to coordinate tree removal, initiate insurance claim, and install temporary repairs. Second, we worked with the insurance company to outline the required remediation based on the full damage we had documented and secured proper funding to complete the project. As aforementioned, the barn had already undergone temporary repairs in order to prevent further damage and keep the building water tight until full replacement could be completed. Once assigned to the project, crew leader Paul carefully removed the effected areas and replaced with new piece by piece until the barn was put back together again like new! Replacement included: framing, roofing, gutters, windows and doors. All in all, while having a tree fall on your property is never a pleasant experience, GF Sprague did what we do best in running to the fire and helping customers in their greatest moments of need.   

Project Summary

Project Manager: Paul Whalen