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Tile Roof Valley Repair in Newton Center, MA

This part of this project was all about repairing damage along the valley of this tile roof. There were several spots where the tiles were damaged, so our crew stripped the valley back to the wood on either side to start this project. This allowed them to make sure the roof was watertight before replacing the broken tiles, bringing this project to a close! 

Copper Panel Installation in Westwood, MA

For this project we had to replace the roof over a front entryway. There were a few different options these homeowners could have gone with, but copper was the right choice as the panels will work great and add a beautiful aesthetic touch as well!

Copper Tile Roof in Belmont, MA

The original rubber roof had deteriorated and become wrinkled causing pooling. After removing the rubber flat roof we installed a tapered copper tile roof which will help prevent pooling, stand the test of time, and look great!

Copper Ridge and Valley Installation in Newton, MA

Homeowner called in looking to replace their valley, ridge vent, and soil pipe. We installed copper valleys, copper ridge ventilation, and a copper soil pipe.

Copper Valley Installation on Shingle Roof in Watertown, MA

Copper Valley Installation in a high traffic area to help prevent damage from ice damns.

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