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Shingle Roof Replacement in Newton, MA

This homeowner called us after having several leaks come through their shingle roof on their garage. Once we stripped off the existing shingles, the severity of the rotting in the wood underneath was completely evident. Our crew replaced all of this wood before installing the new shingle roof, giving this garage a new shingle roof that will last for years and years. 

Copper Wash and Step Flashing Installation in Belmont, MA

When this homeowner contacted us the join between their two roofs was leaking profusely. To prevent any further leaking we removed the deteriorated shingle and installed a copper wash which prevented further leaking and cleaned up the roof. We also installed step flashing down the sides to help prevent water from leaking through the slate and siding.

Custom Copper Roof Valley in Belmont, MA

Additions and renovations can often cause tricky transitions that are prone to leaks. In this case we solved a leaky transition with a custom fabricated copper panel valley.

Copper Flashing in Lexington, MA

A tricky roof with a large flat portion meant that we couldn't just extend the tiling to the edge, and the homeowner didn't want a rubber roof. Our solution for this home in Lexington, Ma was to install custom fabricated copper panels which were then soldering together to provide extremely strong protection against snow and water!

Tile Valley Repair in Lexington, MA

Tile roofs are relatively rare occurence in the northeast, however we do still come across them. In this situation an improperly installed valley had caused leaking and damage to the home below. We replaced the valley to prevent any further damage on this home in Lexington, Ma. It also looks much better than the original solution!

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