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Roof Replacement in Waban (Newton), MA

Areas like this on roof can be problematic when re-roofing. Ensuring a watertight seal around the roof vent is of paramount importance! Roof replacement on this home in Waban, Ma came out beautiful and will leave this customer water-tight for a long time to come.

Soil Pipe Repair in Needham, MA

Soil pipes help to move any exhaust or fumes from your laundry machines and bathroom out of the house. This soil pipe was not only leaking from the PVC pipe itself, but from the incorrect flashing done on the sides. We went in, removed the old soil pipe and replaced it with a proper pipe and flashing.

Roof Rake Board Replacement- Newton, MA

Replaced rotted rake board and wrapped in metal. This solution eliminated the rot from further spreading, protected the integrity of the roof and siding, and added a no-maintenance aesthetically pleasing finish to the home.

Copper Panel Installation on Slate Roof in Waban (Newton), MA

Homeowner were struggling with ice damns. While the ice damns had not caused damage to the house yet, the homeowners decided to nip the problem in the bud and prevent any damage in the future by installing copper panels.

Copper Panel Installation on Shingle Roof in Chestnut Hill, MA

The original Shingle roof had begun to deteriorate and the homeowner was in search of a more long lasting solution. We installed copper panels because of their longevity and the added curb appeal.

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