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Leaky Chimney Repair in Concord, MA

This past customer called us after experiencing leaks in their single roof. They were happy with the work we did on their garage roof before, so they decided we were the right company to call. When our certified expert inspected the roof, he discovered that the leak was not coming in through the roof, but rather through the chimney! The best course of action was to repair the chimney and replace the worn out flashings surrounding it. The end result is a restored chimney with beautiful copper flashings and a copper cap, and most importantly leaks will be a thing of the past for these happy homeowners. 

Copper Paneling on Town Hall in Canton, MA

The copper panels over the Canton Town Hall's entrance way had begun to leak, due to faulty seams on the welds. One of our craftsman, Matt, removed the old panels and window flashing and replaced them with some new copperwork that turned out great!

Rubber Roof Repair in Waban MA

Removed and replaced rubber on the roof. One more step till completion!

Roof Rake Board Replacement- Newton, MA

Replaced rotted rake board and wrapped in metal. This solution eliminated the rot from further spreading, protected the integrity of the roof and siding, and added a no-maintenance aesthetically pleasing finish to the home.

Copper Panel Installation on Slate Roof in Waban (Newton), MA

Homeowner were struggling with ice damns. While the ice damns had not caused damage to the house yet, the homeowners decided to nip the problem in the bud and prevent any damage in the future by installing copper panels.

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