Work Requests in Newton Center

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Learn more about GF Sprague & Company, Inc.'S recent work requests in Newton Center, MA
Vicinity of Ashton Ave in Newton Center
Ice dam prevention.
Vicinity of Wiswall Rd in Newton Center
I have (2) areas in my roof that are allowing water infiltration. The roof is from 1999 home construction. Pyramid roof with peak approx 15-20ft above attic floor. One leak is minor with only the substrate wet, the 2nd is more serious and has resulted in water damage to the ceiling/wall below at the exterior wall/roofline. Substrate of leak-2 is saturated. Most leakage happens during hard rains (as was the case last week).
Vicinity of Oxford Rd in Newton Center
Ice damn prevention and leaks
Vicinity of Centre St in Newton Center
I want to replace the windows on my 2nd floor of old house. Ready to sign on with the right company.
Vicinity of Eastbourne Rd. in Newton Center
Need our gutters cleaned, 1 downspout repaired, repair a few shingles on the roof, chimney inspection, and give estimate for a few other small projects. Thank you
Vicinity of Ridge Ave in Newton Center
We have a half-moon window with a failed seal, and a skylight I'd like to replace.
Vicinity of Dudley Rd in Newton Center
Replace existing gutter with larger 8" gutter and downspout. Install roof vent.
Vicinity of Homer St in Newton Center
Experiencing some leakage under gutters on our third floor - can't recall if we've ever had gutters cleaned / looked at since putting on third floor addition many years ago
Vicinity of Commonwealth Avenue in Newton Center
Gutter and roof replacement/repair of a wing room in Newton Center.
Vicinity of Commonwealth Ave. in Newton Center
We have a short term and long term gutter problem. There are 4 spots that need fixing now that are leading to rotting wood and water in the basement. 1. left side of front porch. 2. broken/fallen gutter on right side of house 3. redesign of one downspout to move water from house 4. water is accumulating in one corner in back of house above mudroom. 5. Other ideas? We have a mix of wood, copper and aluminum gutters and want to maintain the character of our Victorian home. Look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks!
Vicinity of Homer St in Newton Center
Looking for copper gutters that address ice dams..
Vicinity of BRANDEIS CIR in Newton Center
Can you provide a free cost estimate to replace the roof? Please call me when you have a chance. Thanks
Vicinity of Parker Street in Newton Center
I would like to schedule a review of our roof, including ventilation in my attic (which I've been told is insufficient and would be addressed by a roofer). Thanks.
Vicinity of Dudley Rd in Newton Center
I have (2) 25-30 year old EPDM roofs on my home. Seems to be some delimitation from the roof on both as well as some joint separation. Also have some slates to be replaced.

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