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Learn more about GF Sprague & Company, Inc.'S recent work requests in Needham, MA
Vicinity of Marked Tree Rd in Needham
Small job window replacement. do you do small jobs please? Additional information: Other Homeowner: Gregory Person
Vicinity of Pine Street in Needham
During the past couple of months I have found bits and pieces of brick on my sidewalk - spalling from my brick chimney. Appears that some bricks need to be replaced - along with repointing.
Vicinity of Webster in Needham
We have wooden gutters, and they appear to be leaking/cracked in many locations. I'd like to get a quote for repairing the wooden gutters as well as a quote for replacing them with metal gutters. Thanks, Charlie
Vicinity of Greendale Ave in Needham
Vicinity of HILLCREST RD in Needham
Vicinity of Marked Tree Road in Needham
We have a gutter connection issue on garage. Gutter doesn't go all the way to end of side of house so water and ice drip down the side of the house. Look for gutter repair or replacement. Thanks!
Vicinity of White Pine Rd in Needham
Vicinity of Great Plain Avenue in Needham
We are hoping to have our gutters cleaned out before the winter season and Jim from Colonial West Landscaping recommended I contact Sprague to set up an appointment. Please let us know if there might be a day/time before the winter gets going for Sprague to service our gutters. Thanks! Additional information: Other Homeowner: Caitlin Furcillo
Vicinity of Deerfield Road in Needham
Vicinity of Hillcrest Rd in Needham
We'd like someone to come by and look at our roof. Some of the slate shingles need to be replaced and we'd need someone to look at the roof-line (both over the garage and the main house).
Vicinity of Border Rd in Needham
Our masonary chimney needs repair. Some of the brick is falling apart
Vicinity of Eaton Road in Needham
Just put a new roof on my house and need to replace gutters at front of the house.
Vicinity of Parkinson Street in Needham
House needs gutter adjustments in some areas, gutters added or moved in others, and one gutter needs some help keeping birds from nesting in it.
Vicinity of Bradford Street in Needham
We are beginning to obtain quotes for what I assume will be a complete replacement of our existing roof on a two-story house in Needham. I also will appreciate advice on some occasional ice dam issues we have and whether, for example, it would be better just to remove gutters in a couple of difficult spots. I also think we will want to put gutter guards into cutters in a couple of parts of the house.
Vicinity of Elmwood Road in Needham
We have a five year old addition. With Saturday's gusts, a 3-4 foot section of shingles covering the ridge vent blew off. Asphalt shingles, black/charcoal. We would like an estimate on replacing the shingles
Vicinity of Edwardel Rd in Needham
Looking for total roof replacement.
Vicinity of Carleton Drive in Needham
The roof is leaking - I believe around the chimney and vents through the roof. Help!!!
Vicinity of May St in Needham
Laying copper on the bottom 18 inches or so of our roof to prevent icing
Vicinity of Chestnut St in Needham
Hello, Our home, which was built in '95 still has its original roof. (So we were told when we purchased it). We are concerned that it may be reaching it's life time and are wondering the need/effort around replacing it.
Vicinity of Coolidge Ave in Needham
Gutters-they don't drain well in downpours. Probably need to reconfigure them and dig 2 underground drainage points.
Vicinity of Linden St in Needham
Hi. Interested in - Existing fireplace Chimney (Living Room) inspection to see if needs cleaning. Use it a lot this winter and we are unsure last time it was cleaned. - boarded up fireplace (Ballroom) we'd like to estimate cost of opening it up. Previous owners said it is working fireplace but they never used it so boarded it up.
Vicinity of Prospect Street in Needham
Siding ( James Hardy Board) was installed incorrectly.
Vicinity of Appleton Road in Needham
Small leak in roof dripping into bathtub. Started last week with rain storm but handyman thinks small holes there from ice dam removal 2 winters ago. You've worked on my sister (Amy Bard)'s roof and she recommended you. Leak is just below A/C unit in dormer on rear of house
Vicinity of Blacksmith Dr in Needham
Ice dam prevention
Vicinity of Gordon Road in Needham
New roof, gutters, chimney repointment

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