Testimonials for GF Sprague

We were very satisfied with your work and recommended you to someone down the block!
Dr. M of Brookline, MA
Wednesday, October 6th
Everybody worked really hard, unbelievable clean up and attention to detail. I was very happy with everything!
Bob S. of Brookline, MA
Friday, November 26th
"Everything's gone great. We know when you're coming, we know when you're going to be done, and we know that you're going to do a good job when you're here. We've used you on this house and another house and we've never had a problem."
Skott K. of Lexington, MA
Monday, July 28th
"We had Tony do two projects for us, two major projects, very complicated involving copper roofing, regular roofing, and rubber roofing. We also did copper gutters, and Tony was just wonderful. I would highly recommend Tony, highly recommend Sprague as a contractor. We have a complicated roof, it's an old 1917 Dutch colonial which has had a series of leaks and Sprague has finally resolved it after we have had many roofers try to figure out where the leaks are coming from. We are very pleased, very happy with all the work and we would definitely recommend Sprague and will call them back again for any further roofing repair."
Paul W. of Cambridge, MA
Monday, January 31st
Bob: "Hello I'm with Amanda and David in Winchester and we did gutter work on their house, how did everything go?" Amanda: "Everything went great, everyone was terrific to work with, and everything's holding up really well." Bob: "Excellent, and you had a small issue, what happened then?" Amanda: "You guys called us right away and worked it out, it was easy." Bob: "Excellent, thank you."
Amanda & David L. of Winchester, MA
Monday, July 28th
The work was professionally done, neatly, and by people who knew what they were doing.
Larry K. of Metro West, MA
Monday, August 30th
They were fast, it was nice, no trash and they were very good!
Linda of Wellesley, MA
Friday, September 3rd
Excellent job on the chimney and dormer roof, I'm quite pleased with it all!
Jim of Wellesley, MA
Wednesday, September 22nd
I have been nothing but pleased so far!
Mrs. R. of Newton, MA
Friday, October 8th
The service and the attention was so good, we certainly went back to GF Sprague when we needed work for the next home.
Herb G. of Wellesley Hills, MA
Tuesday, October 19th
It's been top drawer since the very beginning!
Linda S. of Wellesley, MA
Tuesday, October 26th
I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff, the work itself and the clean up was fantastic. I would recommend GF Sprague to anyone.
Jake S. of Needham, MA
Wednesday, November 10th
We're so grateful!
Erika of Wellesley, MA
Monday, December 27th
Total testimonials : 58