Testimonials for GF Sprague

Actually it went great, I was very pleased with the service from day one, you guys came out right away, took care of us, and gave us a very fair quote. You showed me that I really needed a new roof, which I knew but was kind of putting it off. You showed me pictures, there were no surprises, everything you said was correct, price was right, and the work was fantastic. I cant recommend Sprague enough.
Lisa & Fred F. of Newton Center, MA
Friday, November 29th
Everything went very well. Thew crews were efficient, clean and polite, and they did their work well.
Jerry G. of Newton Center, MA
Tuesday, May 27th
Very happy, the experience was great. The team came out, Dan came out, walked around the house with us, looked at the roof and came up with a plan. You were fantastic, you helped us coordinate with out contractor who was doing some painting.
Barbara E. of Newton Center, MA
Thursday, May 29th
Everything went really well!
Frank of West Roxbury, MA
Thursday, January 13th
Everything went fairly well, I was very happy with the work.
Jerry M. of West Newton, MA
Friday, January 7th
Everything went fine, the changes went smoothly, and made the cost adjustment, and you guys showed up when you said you were going to show up and did what you said you were going to do, what we agreed on, and I was very pleased.
Eric F. of West Newton, MA
Wednesday, May 4th
I called GF Sprague because they are a local company, I wanted to work with local people, just to be sure that they are there when I need them and that they show up with all the work, and they actually did. They were marvelous, they were here every morning on the dot and working until the work was done and it was really very pleasant.
Denise W. of West Newton, MA
Friday, March 16th
The people who came were very responsible, clean, professional, and we are very pleased with the outcome of the job!
Newell & Kate F. of West Newton, MA
Monday, November 8th
"Everything was great we loved Manny, he was thoughful and thorough and he explained everything to us. We love the new job and are looking forward to the rain running right through our gutters."
Michelle L. of Waltham, MA
Thursday, May 29th
Everyone was honest and up front and explained everything in detail.
Chris of Newtonville, MA
Friday, September 3rd
I think on the whole it's been quite satisfactory. I think on the whole you were efficient, you were thorough, you certainly told things ahead of time.
Dr. L. of Newton, MA
Tuesday, May 27th
Bob: "How did everything go with the first project?" Audrey: "Good." Bob: "What did you like about it?" Audrey: "The men were courteous, they got the work done quickly, and if there was a problem they went back and took care of it."
Audrey B. of Belmont, MA
Thursday, May 29th
GF Sprague was very professional. When they said they would do something they do it on time, the job was completed on time and repaired 100%, no issues since the repair was made.
Peter D. of Brookline, MA
Monday, August 30th
It couldn't have been better, we appreciate all the work you've done for is.
Michael M. of Brookline, MA
Thursday, September 2nd
I was very satisfied, it was professionally done and the roof doesn't leak!
Chris & Lynne of Brookline, MA
Wednesday, October 6th
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