Customer Testimonial from Steve M. in Concord, MA

"Well Bob, I've had a lot of issues with the roof over the past 5 and a half years since I started reconstructing this house, a very complex 9 roof system, and I've had ice dams, ice dams like I've never seen in my life. I thought that the insulation had to be poor and there had to be problems with insulation. I had a roofer come in 3 years ago and do what I thought was necessary to fix it or what they thought was necessary, and that was a catastrophe. Finally it was just a situation that was stressing me out and to no end, so I hired you guys. You came in and I told you flat out do whatever it takes, and nobody who I even got estimates from came forward with an estimate like you guys did. Your estimate was far higher than everybody else's, but the details were there, the idea that it would get done properly was there, and I knew that you guys were the ones to get this job done right. You paid attention to details like I've never seen in my life, I mean I was out looking over the roof that's why I'm looking this way right now, I've been doing some work on the house, and it's just beyond what you could ever imagine in regard to quality. I couldn't be happier, I'll be extremely happy when I get through this next winter and I don't have any issues of any kind, and the other thing is I'm already seeing a huge difference in the house's ability to stay warm on cold mornings. So really great stuff, thanks a lot to GF Sprague."

- Steve M. of Concord, MA
Tuesday, May 8th