Customer Testimonial from John B. in Dover, MA

John: "Well we had a couple different things, we had some leaks up in the attic, we also had to upgrade our gutters both on the house and also on the barn."

GF Sprague: "What made you call GF Sprague?"

John: "Well we talked to a number of different firms and we liked the approach from GF Sprague, it was straightforward and they were clearly going to use the best materials and so we got very comfortable with them and thought they offered a fair quote."

GF Sprague: "And were we able to solve the problem for you?"

John: "Absolutely, in fact this is a bit of an antique house so whenever you do work you typically find new things and the individual that was assigned here just did a great job, he was meticulous and he kept us informed all along the way, and just did a great job in terms of solving some harder problems. Since we had it the gutters are great and everything has worked out great."

GF Sprague:"So John you're happy with GF Sprague, yes?"

John: "Absolutely and would recommend them highly."

- John B. of Dover, MA
Tuesday, March 20th