Using Infrared Thermography On Ice Dams In Boston

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 by Jerry Sprague

ice dam removal boston infrared gunsThe biggest problem associated with ice dams on Boston homes is the water damage they can cause. Unfortunately, homeowners usually don't see this water damage until it is very extensive. By the time a leak has formed, the water has already been in the home for a long time; long enough to soak in, saturate the ceiling or walls, and form a leak.As part of our ice dam removal on Boston homes, we help homeowners uncover the true extent of their water damage. We can see the unseen using Infrared Thermography, also known as Thermal Imaging. 

Understanding Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology measures the thermal or infrared energy given off by an object. Anything that is warmer than Absolute Zero (-459.67 degrees F) gives off a thermal footprint. The human eye cannot see this energy unaided, but with the right tools, we can see it as heat. Infrared Technology produces images based on the heat, or lack of heat, given off by objects. If you've ever seen a heat map, you get an idea of what the image looks like. 

How Infrared Guns Help With Ice Dam Removal In Boston

ice dam removal in boston massachusetts infrared gunWe use Thermal Imaging or Infrared guns to take a picture of an area. Some infrared guns can even measure the temperature of the object or surface and produce different colors based on the varying temperatures. We use these guns to identify areas of moisture that are unseen to the naked eye. Interiors that have water damage are cooler than areas that don't so we can easily see just how extensive the moisture problem is.Identifying areas of moisture build-up helps us locate areas that are susceptible to mold growth or that have been water damaged by ice dams on a Boston roof. The Infrared guns have become an extremely useful tool for us when we perform ice dam removal in Boston. They allow us to examine areas much more quickly and easily than we could otherwise do, plus they are non-invasive so we don't have to open up walls or ceilings to get an idea of what type of damage is hidden back there. Infrared Technology is sometimes used by insurance companies in their evaluation of mold claims and can even be used as a preventative measure by imaging the heat given off by a roof. With this data, we can identify areas at risk for forming ice dams on a Boston home.Unfortunately, just identifying where the moisture is or where the ice dam may occur isn't a solution. It just helps the homeowner figure out where and how extensive the problem is. 

Contact GF Sprague For An Infrared Assessment

If you suspect hidden water damage caused by ice dams on a Boston roof or if you have had any type of water damage event, unexplained mold growth, or obvious leaks, an Infrared image can be a useful diagnostic tool. If you would like an Infrared assessment, call us! We would be happy to come out and examine the problem, provide you with a quote for ice dam removal in Boston, and use our Infrared guns to locate water damage.

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