Shingles Curling On Your Chestnut Hill Roofing? G.F. Sprague Roofing Company In Chestnut Hill Explains Why

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 by Jerry Sprague

roofing company in chestnut hill maHomeowners across the country know how important it is for their roof to be in good working condition at all times. Chestnut Hill roofing that's full of curling or missing shingles could mean that your home is susceptible to water damage and a multitude of other issues. If you're noticing that shingles on your roof are curling, call a roofing contractor in Chestnut Hill to come out for a full inspection. Whatever you do, don't ignore your curling shingles because this could lead to major repairs down the road.

Why Chestnut Hill Roofing Shingles Curl:

Improper Ventilation Attic ventilation is vital. Your roof must have attic vents installed to allow air to flow throughout the attic. Without these vents, the air inside your attic will be stagnant and hot, as air from your home rises into the attic. This hot air will eventually cause damage to the tar and adhesive on your shingles, allowing them to curl upwards and lose their stickiness. Ventilation will allow the attic air to be at the same temperature as the outside air, lessening the opportunity for the adhesive to fail.

In the cold winter months, proper attic ventilation can help eliminate ice dams. As the warm air rises from the home, it can melt snow and ice on the top of roofing in Chestnut Hill. The water from the melted ice and snow runs down the roofing in Chestnut Hill until it is eventually stopped by ice and snow that hasn't yet melted. The water can't go anywhere so it sits on top of the shingles. Eventually it can seep underneath the shingles, which loosens the adhesive and allows them to curl upwards.

Why Chestnut Hill Roofing Shingles Curl:

Improper Installation If your roof is fairly new and you're noticing curling shingles, it's important to call your roofing company in Chestnut Hill. In some cases, curling is an indication of an installation job that wasn't done correctly. To prevent this, make sure to ask your roofing contractor in Chestnut Hill how many nails they use for each shingle. A roofing company in Chestnut Hill should typically use four nails per shingle so if they're using two or even three, ask them why.

Also, ask if the roofing contractor in Chestnut Hill has gone through any additional training classes. Many suppliers require a roofing company in Chestnut Hill to go through extra training to ensure that the contractors understand how to properly install their materials.

Why Chestnut Hill Roofing Shingles Curl:


Eventually, old age catches up with everything and this includes Chestnut Hill roofing! If your roof is approaching the end of it's life, the nails that hold the shingles in place might just be working their way up. These high nails allow the shingles to curl. Repairs are sometimes possible, but depending on the numbers of shingles that are curling, as well as the age of the roof, it may be better to call a roofing contractor in Chestnut Hill for a replacement.

If you're noticing problems with your Chestnut Hill roofing, contacting a roofing contractor in Chestnut Hill like G.F. Sprague can help. We'll be able to look at your roof and come up with a repair or replacement plan that works for you.

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