What Concord Residents Need to Know about Professional Chimney Repair Services

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 by Jerry Sprague

As many people embrace adolescence and adulthood, they outgrow the idea of Santa Claus sliding down the chimney to deliver presents under a tree. But, although the concept of this white-bearded legend is abandoned, it's important not to neglect the presence of a chimney and its upkeep. As a homeowner, it's vital to nurture this component, as it has substantial significance that many individuals never realize.

Unfortunately, chimneys don't take care of themselves. Concord residents are encouraged to seek the services of a leading service provider in the industry to help them maintain their chimney's aesthetic quality, as well as its functionality. If this part of the house isn't at its best, chances are that more problems are ahead. Avoid unnecessary residential damage by applying these preventative care techniques, or rely on qualified tradesmen in the field to render top notch chimney repair services.

Notes on Regular Chimney Inspections

• A Clean Chimney Makes for a Safer Fireplace

Most people enjoy sitting in front of a warm, cozy fireplace on a cold winter's night. Even the crackling sound of the fire induces a simple and distinctive peace. What many property owners don't understand, however, is that unkempt chimneys can transform an endearing fireplace into a monstrous memory. This is because the chimney and its flue are responsible for transporting the smoke made from the fireplace out of, and away from, the house that it's generated in. Chimneys that aren't cleaned regularly have the potential to create massive buildup and prevent the fireplace from functioning properly, which can cause fatal house fires.

• Internal Deterioration Leads to Bigger Problems

It's essential for Concord homeowners to understand the internal make-up of their chimney. These components contain a flue, or an opening, that exerts gases made from the fireplace, furnace, boiler, water heater, or generator. The formation of soot, a blend of sulphur and carbon, naturally occurs over time. The mixture of sulphur and rain water causes the flue to gradually break down. This causes flaking, or spalling, which if left unchecked for too long, can eventually damage the chimney's bricks and lead to cracking that's much more difficult and expensive to fix.Workman Repairing A Chimney Stack Concord Ma•The Absence of Chimney Liners in Older Homes Raises Concern

The structural integrity of homes built before the 1940's must be a priority for Concord residents. These residences were constructed before chimney liners were invented to help guide the combustion by products out of the chimney and away from the surrounding areas. Older homes that may have been built after this time period still need regular chimney check-ups to detect if the liner is defective or if it's working properly.

Benefits of Professional Chimney Repair

• Restores a home's physical attractiveness through the replacement of chimneys' missing bricks, stucco, stone, or mortar. The state of a chimneys' exterior can especially be impacted by inclement weather conditions, like heavy rainfall, snow, hail, or ice.

•Addresses fireplace smoke buildup to guard against smoke-filled rooms and potential fire hazards.

• Reinstates chimneys' metalwork which guards against homes water entry and damage to electrical wires, sheathing, framing, ceiling, windows, and insulation.

• Re-establishes a functional chimney vent which prevents carbon monoxide from leaking inside the house.

•Fixes firebox problems that affect the internal and external masonry of fireplaces and causes water leakage.

• Redevelops chimney mortars which, over time, can be weakened. If left in bad condition, the result will be further costly damage. Keep in mind that chimney that contain mortars with irrecoverable damage have to be completely rebuilt.

• Removes homeowners' burden of having to make chimney repairs on their own. While it's possible, chimney restoration is a dirty and messy job. In addition, the heavy breathing that results from a lot of climbing can have an effect on an unfit person's respiratory system.

Failure to invest in professional chimney repair services is like playing Russian roulette with what could otherwise be a beautiful future in a home that contains highly functional components. Contact us today for more details on what can be done to maintain your home's safe and charming atmosphere.

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