37th Santa Jump Benefits

Friday, January 3rd, 2014 by Jerry Sprague

Quincy Ma GF Sprague roofing santa jumpOn a bright sunny day over Quincy Massachusetts, Santa Claus and his elves arrive just in time for the annual Quincy Santa Claus parade which is the biggest on the East Coast. Jerry Sprague of G.F. Sprague & Co. Inc. jumped for the "Little Wanderers" from 4,500 feet and again made their Christmas special. With his troupe of elves, Jerry and Santa soared into the sky bringing wishes and hope to many children in need. 

The Santa jump was watched by more than 4,500 folks with children this year, according to Jerry. He says; "This is a great charity. It helps a lot of kids. We had over 3,000 kids turn out for this year's Santa Jump."Since this is specifically performed in order to trigger the attention of children for the purpose of providing them with entertainment, individuals are recommended to bring their children to activities such as the Santa's jump.

For all those who are not readily aware, GF Sprague & Co. Inc. is a well-known home improvement company located in Needham, MA., who provides roofing, gutter, chimneys, and replacement windows to homes in the greater Boston area.

The "Home for Little Wanderers" is also a very well-recognized organization which serves children from a young age until they are 21. Saving lives of thousands of children on a yearly basis, the home has become a source of protection and comfort for children who are deprived of their parents and a proper household at a very tender age. The 37th Santa Jump, which happened recently, was able to help the children from ‘Home for Little Wanderers' in a big way. This is because of the fact that GF Sprague & Co. Inc. was involved in the entire process and everything was done in order to make the Santa Jump event a big success for the 3,000 children who attended this year's Santa Jump and the children at the Little Wanderer's Home. All proceeds from the jump go directly to the "Home for Little Wanderers".

Again, from Jerry Sprague; "Doing this jump for now 37 years and donating the proceeds to the "Home for Little Wanderers" has been a great way to finish out each year giving back. Santa and his Elves love this almost as much as Christmas Eve." With the assistance of GF Sprague & Co Inc., the Home for Little Wanderers is able to provide exceptional child care services along with medications, child development services, psychological testing, adoption, foster care, educational preparation and much more.