Meet the Team

Meet The Team of GF Sprague

Below are some of the people you may come into contact with when working with us. We are very proud of our team and the great service they provide to our customers. Click on the individual's name to see more information.


Jerry - President and CEO
President and CEO
Jake - Vice President
Vice President
Bob - GM & Production Manager
GM & Production Manager
Steve - Production & Project Manager
Production & Project Manager


Mark - Sr. Certified Expert
Sr. Certified Expert
Matthew - Certified Expert
Certified Expert
Rich - Certified Expert
Certified Expert
Gordie - Certified Expert
Certified Expert
Ryan - Certified Expert
Certified Expert
Dan - Help Desk
Help Desk


Tony - Project Manager/Sr. Trainer
Project Manager/Sr. Trainer
Paul - Project Manager/Sr. Trainer
Project Manager/Sr. Trainer
Jake - Project Manager/Trainer
Project Manager/Trainer
Jamie - Project Manager
Project Manager
Daniel - Project Manager
Project Manager
Derek - Project Manager
Project Manager
Rodrigo - Project Manager
Project Manager
Randy - Project Manager
Project Manager
Nate - Project Manager
Project Manager
Nino - Craftsman
Konnor - Project Manager
Project Manager
Bobby - Production Coordinator
Production Coordinator
Lindomar - Project Manager
Project Manager
Matthew - Craftsman
Patrick - Craftsman

Office Staff:

Al - Bookkeeper
Joey - Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Maria - Operations
Chet - Customer Service
Customer Service
Linda - Customer Service
Customer Service
Justin - Intern

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Our Locations:

GF Sprague & Company, Inc.
45 Kearney Rd
Needham, MA 02494