GF Sprague Job Opportunities

Sales Support Representative

We’re looking for a highly organized and efficient professional who can wear multiple hats throughout the workday while prioritizing the most important tasks on his or her list. The primary roles include interacting with both customers and the sales staff, and identifying the needs of both...

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Sales Representative

Only for the top 5% Performers -Bring your exceptional talent to a sales role designed for an A player. If you qualify, you'll Join our high performance, highly compensated sales team. You will be trained then coached to be the authority clearly heads and shoulders above your competition. Very few...

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Are you hungry, strong, coachable, willing and able to use your skills to be all you knew you could be? Cream will rise to the top!We advance you at your pace. You'll be trained and mentored along the way. Your willingness to apply yourself will pay off!

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