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Community Involvement

We are donating 1% of our monthly revenue to the Home for Little Wanderers program!

Learn more about the the Home for Little Wanderers and how you can help!

Home For Little Wanderers

Beginning back in 1976, me and a few of my skydiving buddies formed a skydive exhibition team. We were asked to jump into all kinds of events in all sorts of places... schools, stadiums, beaches, city parks, you name it we probably jumped into it. The sponsors would pay us for the jump and from the start we all decided to donate our time and all of the profits to worthy causes. We believed it was "Good Karma! The first ten years would split the money among mostly child related causes, then in the mid-eighties we settled on donating exclusively to The Home for Little Wanderers. Eventually, I decided to underwrite the cost of all these charity jumps through G.F. Sprague and to donate the full proceeds of the jump events.

It's been over forty years now since we started, and most of the team has moved away to the Sunbelt. With fewer professional jumps, we were looking for a new way to donate to this wonderful cause. After some thought, we decided to involve you, our customers. How? By donating 1% of your initial purchase to The Home for Little Wanderers. So, for example, if you were to buy a $10,000 project, $100.would be donated. This donation comes directly out of our bottom line, with no additional cost to you! During one of our discussions prompting this campaign, our senior certified expert Mark Vaccaro came up with the perfect way to define this gifting program..."Everyone deserves a good roof over their head." I think we will all be proud to help out these deserving children.

Gerald Sprague
Founder & President

Recent Press Releases

GF Sprague & The Pan Mass Challenge

The PMC is one of the largest contributor's to cancer research, donating millions to the cause every year. This amazing effort makes it an easy decision to donate to this organization.
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Home for Little Wanderers 1st Quarter Donation

GF Sprague is proud to announce that its 1st quarter donation to the Home for Little Wanderers totaled a whopping $13,913! Our thanks go out to each and every customer who made this donation possible.
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GF Sprague is proud to announce its continued partnership with Newton Southeast Little League for the 2017...

GF Sprague has committed to donating to Newton Southeast Little League for the 2017 season. This league teaches the basics of baseball, but also encourages self-esteem within the children involved. This cause is one of the many ways in which we show we really are part of the neighborhood.
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What is the Home for Little Wanderers?

The Home for Little Wanderers provides programs and services for every stage of child and family development. For more than 200 years, they have earned a reputation for doing whatever it takes to strengthen vulnerable families and keep children safe. Serving children and youth from birth to 22, The Home makes a positive impact on over 7,000 lives each year through a network of services including behavioral health, therapeutic residential and special education, adoption and foster care.

They never give up on children, and they don't let children give up on themselves. By advocating on behalf of each and every one of them, they strengthen families, communities and the Commonwealth. Their mission is to ensure the healthy behavioral, emotional, social and educational development and physical well-being of children and families living in at-risk circumstances. To learn more about The Home for Little Wanderers or to get involved, visit www.thehome.org.

What We're Doing

  • Customer program to benefit The Home for Little Wanderers
  • Donating 1% of our sales at the end of every month

Why We're Doing It

  • We're more than roofers, we're also part of the community
  • Who we are is defined by what we do
  • We believe that all children need to know they are loved, important, and valuable

How it Works

  • Simple - We donate 1% of every dollar that we receive from folks like you
  • For every $100 you give us, we give $1 to The Home for Little Wanderers

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