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GF Sprague Before & After Photos

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Ridge Shingle Replacement in Westborough, MA

The shingles over the ridges of these dormers has been severely damaged by wear and tear. If this damage continued to worsen, it could have eventually allowed water to leak into the tops of the dormers. Luckily we caught this in time, and our crew was easily able to replace these shingles, making sure the dormers will be leak free. 

Copper Chimney Crown in Millis, MA

Due to leaks in this chimney's previous cement crown, we installed a brand new copper chimney crown. Cement crowns are top of the line when it comes to protecting your home from chimney leaks.

Skylight repair in Chestnut Hill MA

Replaced the damaged area around the skylight. Put in a new skylight. One mores tep until completion!

Lead Coated Copper Gutter Installation in Framingham, MA

This homeowner called us to take a look at their gutters which were not draining properly and water was running right off the roof rather than through the gutters. Our inspection showed that the gutters were damaged and pitched incorrectly, so new gutters were the best option. This homeowner decided they liked the coated copper gutter option, and the new gutters came out looking great.

Slate to Copper Roof Conversion in Natick, MA

Here we removed the original slate roof on this home in Natick, Ma and replaced it with soldered copper panels. These will last longer and help prevent ice damns.

Total Before & After Sets: 145