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Choosing Replacement Windows In Needham

Window Replacement in Needham MaWindows are one of the most prominent features of our homes; they should enhance the look of the home and make it comfortable. When they don’t, homeowners start to think about replacement windows. Deciding to replace your windows in Needham is a big investment. You want to make sure you do it right and are getting the best value for your money but are also getting a product that works and that you love. Choosing the perfect window is based on a combination of factors which will each carry a different weight with you depending on your specific needs. At GF Sprague, we help hundreds of customers every year choose their replacement windows in Needham. Here are a few of the top questions we ask our customers to help them make a decision.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Purchasing Replacement Windows In Needham

While everyone wants to know what it’s going to cost to replace their windows in Needham, it shouldn’t be the only thing you base your decision on. With all the varieties of windows available, you will always be able to find replacement windows in Needham that fit your needs and your budget. To find the best windows for your home ask yourself these questions:

  1. “What do I need the windows to do?” Determining your needs is the first step in any project and windows are no exception. You might want windows that let in more light or provide better ventilation or you may want windows that are easier to open or are better at blocking out street noise. Think about what you love and hate about your current windows and talk to us about how you can improve the shortfalls.
  1. “What look do I want?” Putting in new windows in Needham gives you the chance to completely change the look of your home. You can enhance your curb appeal and find windows that complement your home’s architecture. There are hundreds of styles to choose from. You’ll find one that can meet your needs and look good while doing it.
  1. “How do they work?” One of the biggest complaints we have from homeowners looking for new windows in Needham is that their current windows just don’t work. Either they are sticky and hard to open or they are drafty and don’t fully close. Or maybe they’ve never been really functional and they’re just tired of fighting with them. New models come in a variety of styles: cranks, sliders, double-hung, push-out or even glass that doesn’t open at all. You don’t have to decide on one style for the whole home. Think about each location and choose the window design that works best in that spot. You may not want the bay window on the front of the house to open and you may find a crank or push-out window easier to manage in the kitchen than a double-hung or slider.
  1. “What kind of maintenance is needed?” Some windows require more maintenance than others. Wooden windows, for example, will require sealing to prevent moisture from seeping in. Vinyl windows won’t have that same level of maintenance. Similarly, think about how the windows will be cleaned. Can you clean both sides yourself or will you need to call in a professional? Some windows have a tilt/slide function that allows you to remove the window so you can clean it properly.
  1. “How efficient are they?” Energy efficiency is one of the top concerns of homeowners who are buying replacement windows in Needham. If this is a concern of yours, look at the R-Value and the U-Factor of the windows you’re considering. The R-Value tells you how well the window insulates while the U-Factor indicates how well it keeps heat inside. Low-e insulating glass has better energy efficiency than other types of glass while heat-absorbing or reflective glass can both help prevent heat from coming into the home.
  1. “What is the installation process and warranty like?” Purchasing the most expensive, energy-efficient windows in Needham won’t mean anything if they’re installed improperly. ALWAYS make sure your installers are experienced at putting in the windows you select. Improper installation can void the manufacturer’s warranty, negate any utility cost savings you were hoping for and cause the windows to fail before their time. Ask for references and check them. Discuss repair services and make sure you understand the warranty or warranties. Sometimes the warranty only covers the product. Sometimes it only covers installation. Sometimes it covers both. Understand what you are getting and how to use it if you need to.

For more advice on replacing windows in Needham, contact GF Sprague at 781-455-0556. We are always happy to discuss your home improvement and remodeling needs!

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