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Gutter Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Keeping your gutters working properly doesn’t require the services of a pro. If you’ve had the gutters professionally installed, you can easily maintain them yourself for years and years. All you need to do is add gutters to your spring and fall clean-up lists. Keeping Gutters In Needham Clean If you use these tips to clean your gutters in Needham twice a year and make sure to remove any large pieces of debris that might fall into them in between clean-ups, your gutters will perform their job well year after year. Clean around the downspout. You’ll soon be flushing debris down the spout. Make sure there’s nothing blocking the way. Clean out large debris from the gutters – sticks, leaves and needles all get caught up in gutters in Needham thanks to our heavy tree coverage. Use a garden trowel or gloves to do this. Aim for a dry day. Wet debris can get smelly. Hose down the gutter after most of the debris has been scooped out. Force the water toward the downspout to clean it out. Hose out the downspout by turning the hose on full blast and aiming it into the spout from the top. DIY Gutter ... Read More »