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boston-guttersMost of us would eliminate gutters altogether if we could. So why are they necessary on most homes? Because of home design, construction and the surrounding terrain, the water landing on your roof must be conducted away from the structure. Without gutters, water and ice would wear away your siding, windows, lower roofs, foundation, landscaping — anything in the path of cascading water in all forms.

Our roofs do a great job of keeping rainwater out of your home. But the job is not finished unless you have an equally efficient gutter system to carry the water safely away from your home. A properly functioning gutter and downspout system is essential to keep water from entering your home and possibly causing flooding and structural damage.

Gutters can be either exterior (hung outside the roof edge) or interior (built into the roof), and are generally constructed of wood, galvanized steel, aluminum or copper. Gutters and downspouts must be the right size to accommodate the expected volume of water without filling up and overflowing, all while looking proportional to your home.

GF Sprague provides complete gutter services, including:

  • Inspection
  • Adjustment
  • Replacement
  • Gutter Cover Systems
  • Custom Gopper Gutters & Downspout


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 ma 40 year roofing warranty

G.F. Sprague and Co. Inc. gives you a 40-Year Workmanship Warranty on any of the work we complete for you. Our workmanship warranty is more than 2-TIMES the standard warranty here in Mass.. When you quantify value, and the power of anyone’s word, see how long they are willing to honor it. Get the best workmanship warranty in Mass., select G.F. Sprague & Co. Inc.

 ma roofing satisfaction guaranteed

The focus of every member who works at GF Sprague and Co. is to ensure your experience with GF Sprague as relaxing and rewarding as possible. You realize your project is the hands of experienced professionals, however we also desire to deliver the peace of mind that comes with understanding GF Sprague’s employees are always present to support and serve YOU throughout the project, with upfront correspondence and a willing attitude. In order to achieve this objective we have instituted the GF Sprague 5-Star Service Program. We at GF Sprague want you to rate us in several important areas so that we know we are doing our project without issue, or to discover how we need to get better. IF, AT ANY TIME DURING THE PROJECT, YOU FEEL WE ARE NOT LIVING UP TO OUR PROMISE OF A “5-STAR” RATING, PLEASE INFORM US! WE’D LIKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO RESPOND TO YOUR CONCERNS IMMEDIATELY. At the end of your project, we’ll ask you to fill out a 5- Star Service review card. Be honest! We at GF Sprague really want to be made aware of how well we achieved (or exceeded!) your goals. We appreciate for the confidence you have entrusted in our team members and our company, and we promise to really work hard to earn your trust.

The following definitions will provide you some important knowledge. Please don’t forget, “All that glitters is not gold!”

 gf sprague certified roofer in  maMassachusetts DCAM Certification – G.F. Sprague DCAM License #08-0165

The Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) is the state agency responsible for significant public construction and real estate services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. DCAM promotes quality and integrity in the Commonwealth’s home construction and real estate projects. A DCAM certification is the only license that qualifies a contractor for a specific trade, and a contractor is required to be recertified by DCAM every year. This certification process and commitment makes it a good measure of the quality of a contractor.

Mass State Building Code LogoManufacturers’ Certifications

The best manufacturers want to ensure that their products are being properly installed, and they put contractors through training, testing and (in some cases) retesting before granting certification. In many cases, manufacturer certification of the contractor is a must in order for the product warranty to be valid. Many manufacturers also require contractors to receive refresher training and to update their certifications each year. Ask to see the manufacturers’ certifications before hiring a roofing contractor, and be sure your proposal includes everything needed to prevent voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

gf sprague  ma roofing associationMassachusetts Construction License

– G.F. Sprague Construction License #cs20976, with no exceptions
Unfortunately this license requires little skill and no prior experience specific to a specific trade; like roofing. The one-time test is focused on general home codes and only new construction, not re-roofing and with few questions related specifically to roofing. Although your city or town may only require a Ma Construction License for a roofing company to purchase a license, it doesn’t make the contractor is qualified to work on your house.

Home Improvement Contractor Registration (HIC) – G.F. Sprague HIC Registration #104531

The only obligation for this license is that the roofer submit a registration form and pay a licensing fee. There is no qualifying or testing of the roofing company’s skill or experience. Almost anybody can get this registration license.

Insurance Coverage Certificates

A certificate of insurance clearly lists the types of insurance carried by a roofer, including the coverage limits and expiration dates. Insist on reviewing all certificates of insurance e.g.workman’s compensation, liability, vehicle; before hiring any roofer. At GF Sprague, all of our insurance certificates are available upon request.

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Services We Provide in Ma

Roofing in Ma

roofing ma gf sprague

Your roofing system is the single most important structural system for guarding against your house against wind, bad weather and creatures. Therefore, it must be constructed to withstand sun burnout, wind lift up, torrential driving rains, snow loads, ice dams, thunderstorms, animals clawing, knawing, pecking to get in, rotting, falling leaves and branches cutting through whatever Mother Nature can throw at it!

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Gutters in Ma

gutter repair - cleaning

Most of us would eliminate gutters altogether if we could. So why are gutters required on many houses? The reason why is home design, construction and the surrounding landscape, the water coming down on your roof must be carried away from the home. Not having rain gutters, water and ice would wear away your siding, windows, lower roofs, foundation, landscaping and anything in the path of flowing water in all forms.

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Chimneys in Ma

chimney repair

Your chimney is exposed to similar weather and elements as your roof, and will (can) also undergo damage and deterioration. Your chimney should be looked at regularly, preferably in the spring or early summer when heating season is past. That way, you’ll reduce any destruction and have enough time to schedule any repairs you may need before a new winter season starts in the fall.

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Replacement Windows in Ma

replacement windows massachusetts

Brand new replacement windows can be one of your homes most appealing characteristics. New replacement windows can provide you with convenient ventilation, ease of use, superior natural light, and maintenance convenience not experienced with older windows. If you own an older house, or inefficient windows, you could be throwing up to 30% of your heating and cooling dollars out the window, literally. On average for the year 2011 the owner anticipates to recoup approximately 69% when the home was sold when replacing their less efficient replacement windows. Now there are so many companies which make windows, it can be frustrating trying to choose a top quality replacement window. Of course every window producer or replacement window salesperson states to have the most efficient product.

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Radiant Barrier in Ma

home insulation contractor

The insulation in your home’s attic is designed to slow down the transfer of heat from inside the space beneath your roofing. But even the thickest, most effective insulation requires help. This is where Radiant Barrier comes in. Radiant Barrier is a layer of high-tech material that covers your existing insulation and reflects the escaping heat back into your home to keep you nice and warm all winter. In the summer, Radiant Barrier serves to reflect attic heat away from your home’s interior to keep you cool and comfortable.

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Ice Dam Removal in Ma

GF Sprague is the ice dam removal specialist for Massachusetts

The freezing conditions and snowfall that occur across New England in Winter (and into the early Spring) can produce a dangerous threat known as “ice dams.” An ice dam happens when the temperature of the inside of your home’s attic is warmer than temperature of your roof. Snow and ice on the heated surface of the roof melt from the bottom up, and the resulting water flows down toward your gutters.

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Storm Damage Repairs in Ma

GF-Sprague-Home-Storm-Damage-Experts Massachusetts

Call us at 781-455-0556 for 24-hr emergency home repairs. If your roof, rain gutter, or chimney should suffer a small leak to catastrophic damage as a result of high wind, downpours, snow, ice back up, downed trees or utility poles, you often cannot wait for a warm sunny time to make repairs! Or if your chimney or gutters are broken and immediate repair is necessary, there is only one call to make: Call the experts from GF Sprague! Our Emergency Response Team is “on call” 24 hours to provide emergency repairs.

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Emergency Repairs in Ma

emergency home repair in massachusetts

24 HOUR EMERGENCY REPAIR SERVICES FOR EMERGENCY SERVICES, CALL 781-455-0556. If your roof, gutters, or chimney should suffer a small leak to severe damage as a result of wind, rain, snow storms, ice back up, broken tree branches or utility poles, you quite often can’t wait for a sunny day to make repairs! Or if your chimney or rain gutters are broken and immediate repair is necessary, there is only one company to call: Call the experts from GF Sprague!

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